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Steps to Take for Traveling to Thailand as a Foreigner

*** The information provided here is updated with the latest regulations and information and therefore subject to change without prior notice ***

For transiting/transfering (changing planes but not leaving the airport or continuing your flight on the same aircraft after a stop) in Thailand, you will need only Proof of being fully vaccinated OR RT-PCR Test result less than 72 hours before flight. More details, please check directly with your airlines or see the following information:

If your transit in Thailand is less than 12 hours, then no visa is required. If your transit time is between 12-24 hours, then you will need to have a Transit visa (see below). 



1. Apply for Your Visa

If you are entitled to a visa exemption (including Cambodians entering Thailand for less than 14 days) or visa on arrival, you can skip this step and go to step 2. More information about visa exemption/visa on arrival here (click). 

If you need a visa, you must apply for an appropriate visa at the Royal Thai Embassy. You can apply in person or use an agent but the passport must have an entry to stamp to Cambodia. Visa applications received by mail – electronic or postal – will be rejected. We do not accept e-visa applications and do not issue e-visas. If you have already lodged an e-visa application at another Thai Embassy, it CANNOT be transfered to our Embassy and you must lodge a new application in person with us. 

          Visa application times

          Open Monday to Friday, except Embassy holidays. Please see 2022 Embassy holidays at this link (click)
          09:00–11:00 AM     document submission (no appointment required)
          03:00–04:00 PM     visa collection

          Visa processing times (NOT including day of submission)*
          3 working days (NOT include the Day of Submission) for Tourist visas, Non-Immigrant Labour visas for Cambodian migrant workers (for example, if you apply on Monday, you can pick up your passport on Thursday)
          5 working days (NOT include the Day of Submission) for other Non-Immigrant visas (for example, if you apply on Monday, you can pick up your passport on the next Monday)

There is no option for expedited visa consideration. Faster visa processing than the timeline outlined above is possible only for medical or family emergency cases. The applicant must provide proof of urgent need to travel such as medical or death certificate. 

*All passport holders can apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh. However, there are additional documents that nationals of some countries need to provide and/or procedures to follow in order to receive approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, which takes at least 1 month. Please see more information here (click). 

You can download a visa application form here (click). There are also visa application forms available at the Embassy for you to fill in. 

Please see the details, including required documents, of each type of visa below:

          - Tourist Visa (TR)
          - Special Tourist Visa (STV)
          - Transit Visa (TS)
          - Visa on Arrival
          - Medical Tourist Visa (MT) 

          - Non-Immigrant O Visa (Medical) *same as Medical Tourist Visa (MT) but allowed stay in Thailand is 90 days maximum and the visa processing fee is 80 USD.
          - Non-Immigrant O Visa (Thai Family)
          - Non-Immigrant O Visa (Dependents of Non-Immigrant visa holders)
          - Non-Immigrant O Visa (Retirement)
          - Non-Immigrant O Visa (Volunteer)
          - Non-Immigrant O-A Visa
          - Non-Immigrant O-X Visa
          - Non-Immigrant ED Visa (Student)
          - Non-Immigrant B Visa (Business, Work)
          - Diplomatic/Official visa: Please contact the Embassy
          - Non-Immigrant F visa: Please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand to submit your request

For visa inquiry, please call (+855) 23726307-8.

If you are currently not in Cambodia but wish to come to Cambodia to apply for a Thai visa with the Royal Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh, please also take note of Cambodia's entry measures here (click). Questions about Cambodia's entry measures should be directed at the Cambodian Embassy in your country of residence.


2. Check with your airline if you need a pre-flight Negative RT-PCR Result

A COVID-19 negative test result 72 hours prior to Departure is not required by the Thai government. However, some airlines may still request an RT-PCR test before the flight, which is the airline's right to request one. Please check directly with your airline to confirm if you need an RT-PCR test before your flight or not. 


3. Travel to Thailand and Enjoy your Stay!

Before your departure for Thailand, please make sure that you will be able to provide all documents that you need to apply for your visa.