Non-Immigrant "B" Visa -- To Conduct Business in Thailand

Non-Immigrant "B" Visa -- To Conduct Business in Thailand

7 Sep 2019

Non-Immigrant “B” Visa -- To Conduct Business in Thailand


This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom to conduct business.

Required Documents

1. Passport or travel document with validity no less than 6 months
2. Visa application form completely filled out and signed
3. Recent 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm photograph of the applicant
4. Letter from the applicant’s company indicating the applicant’s position, length of employment, salary, and purpose of visit to Thailand
5. Documents showing correspondence with business partners in Thailand
6. Documents of the applicant’s company’s registration in Cambodia
7. Evidence of financial status in the case where the applicant is self-employed
8. Letter of invitation from trading or associated partners/companies in Thailand
9. Corporate documents of associated partners/companies in Thailand such as
     - business registration and business license
     - list of shareholders
     - company profile
     - details of business operation
Copies of company documents must be signed by the Board of Directors or authorized managing director and affixed with the seal of the company.

The consular officer reserves the right to request additional documents as deemed necessary.

Visa Processing Fee

80 USD, single entry

Validity of Visa  

3 months

Period of Stay

Holders of this type of visa are initially granted a period of stay in the Kingdom not exceeding 90 days unless otherwise instructed by the Office of Immigration Bureau

Extension of Stay

Those who wish to stay longer or may wish to change their type of visa must apply for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau located at Government Complex Building B, Chaengwattana Soi 7, Laksi, Bangkok 10210, Tel 0-2141-9889 or The extension of stay as well as the change of certain types of visas is solely at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Additional Requirements

Nationals of certain countries are required to apply for a visa only at the Thai Embassy or Consulate-General in their home/residence country or at the designated Thai Embassy. Therefore, travelers are advised to contact the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to find out where they may apply for a visa to Thailand before departure.