Special Tourist Visa (STV)

Special Tourist Visa (STV)

Special Tourist Visa (STV)


1. STV Eligibility and Conditions

1.1 From now until 30 September 2022, STV may be issued to applicants who are Cambodian nationals or permanent residents currently residing in Cambodia and their spouses and children (20 years of age or under) for the purpose of tourism only.

1.2 STV fee is 80 USD for a single entry. STV is valid for 3 months from the date of its issuance. Upon entering Thailand, a stay permit will be granted to the visitor for a maximum period of 90 days, which can be extended in Thailand for a maximum of 2 times, for 90 days maximum each.

1.3 STV cannot be changed to any other type of visa during the stay in Thailand.

1.4 If the STV holder is found to be in breach of the conditions for entry into Thailand, the stay permit will be revoked immediately and he/she will be prohibited from entering Thailand.

2. Required Documents for STV

* Each applicant must submit a complete visa application form together with all the required documents. Dependent(s) of the main applicant must each submit a separate application.


Required documents


Passport with a minimum validity of no less than 12 months prior to departure and a copy


Photograph of the applicant (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm)


For a permanent resident of Cambodia, proof of a long-term Cambodian visa, work permit, work contract, etc.


Proof of current residential address in Cambodia


Criminal record clearance issued within 3 months by the relevant authority of Cambodia or the country of the applicant’s nationality


A complete “Medical Certificate Form (click to download)”  with a valid rubber stamp of a medical doctor to confirm its authenticity


A certificate of health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Thailand containing the following details: coverage in case of in-patients of not less than 400,000 Thai Baht/policy year and in case of out-patients of not less than 40,000 Thai Baht/policy year.

Please check http://longstay.tgia.org for more information regarding participating Thai insurance companies.


One of the following proofs of accommodation in Thailand after completing quarantine, for the entire duration of stay in Thailand

8.1 Proof of payment for hotel booking or apartment/property rentals issued by the hotel/property owner with a taxpayer ID number, address, and contact details;

8.2 Certificate of ownership of a condominium unit in Thailand registered under the applicant’s or a family member’s name;

8.3 Proof of payment for the purchase or hire-purchase of a condominium unit in Thailand with a payment of at least 25% of the total value


For dependents of the main applicant, proof of relationship

For spouse: Marriage certificate

For children: Birth certificate