Traveling to Thailand as a Foreigner during COVID-19

Traveling to Thailand as a Foreigner during COVID-19

27 Mar 2020

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Traveling to Thailand as a Foreigner during COVID-19


The following categories of foreigners (non-Thai passport holders) are eligible to enter Thailand according to the current regulations:

     1. Foreigners who require medical treatment, except for COVID-19, and no more than 3 accompanying persons
     2. Foreigners who are spouses, parents, or children of Thai nationals
     3. Foreigners who hold a Thai Certificate of Residence, and their spouses/children
     4. Foreigners who have a valid work permit or have been given permission to work in Thailand, and their spouses/children
     5. Foreigners who are students of accredited formal education institutions in Thailand, and their parents/guardians, as well as those attending short term courses/internships at government institutions, international organizations, or accredited formal education institutions in Thailand
     6. Diplomatic, Consular, International Organizations (DCIOs) Representatives, and their family members
     7. Holders of a Tourist (TR) visa
     8. Holders of a Special Tourist Visa (STV)
     9. Holders of Ordinary Passports who are qualified under visa exemption schemes (30 or 90 days) for tourism purposes
     10. Holders of a Non-Immigrant B visa/re-entry permit
     11. Holders of a Non-Immigrant O (retirement), O-A, or O-X visa/re-entry permit
     12. Holders of an Elite visa who received an approval
     13. Foreigners on religious missions, which must be approved by the Department of Religious Affairs of Thailand
     14. Volunteers in NGOs, charities, or foundations
     15. Foreigners who formerly had Thai citizenship
     16. Foreigners who are required to appear in Thai court as parties or witnesses
     17. Foreigners with transit visa to transit in Thailand, which includes leaving the airport. Please note that you will still need to undergo quarantine.
     18. Foreigners entering Thailand to play sport, which must be approved by the relevant sports authority in Thailand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
     19. APEC Card holders with THA code 

Other foreigners are not permitted to enter Thailand yet, including labor visa (Non-Immigrant LA) holders, students of non-formal institutions (such as language schools, diving schools, boxing schools, etc.)

From March 2021 onwards, transit/transfer passengers are allowed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

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